Mission of the A.K.B.B.A.

The American Karate Black Belt Association, also known as the A.K.B.B.A., is a non-profit organization created to insure a standard of business ethics for professional martial arts schools. The A.K.B.B.A., a fraternal business martial arts association, helps school owners operate a professional, profitable, and successful martial arts studio. In addition, the A.K.B.B.A. helps martial arts students find a professional studio with the highest standards in the industry. The A.K.B.B.A. provides rank registration for its student members and helps to locate a new instructor or school when one is no longer available in that area.

Contact Information

We want to hear from you! If you are interested in membership information, please contact Mr. David Mason, Member - Board of Governors for the American Karate Black Belt Association at the contact information below.


  • 972-239-5053


  • 972-671-7099

Postal Address:

  • 1974 Nantucket Dr, Ste 108, Richardson, Texas 75080