A.K.B.B.A. Student Membership

The American Karate Black Belt Association is a fraternal martial arts association dedicated to the betterment of martial arts studios, by providing a superior level of martial arts instructions while operating with the highest ethical business standards.

The original A.K.B.B.A. emblem, represents to all members of the martial arts community, a long history of great martial arts practitioners who helped pioneer martial arts to a level we know today.

Each student membership in the A.K.B.B.A. allows that student national recognition of rank which is transferable to a network of credible martial arts schools.

In addition, each student can participate in numerous discounts to A.K.B.B.A. sponsored seminars and A.K.B.B.A. rated tournaments.

Each student and Black Belt member of the A.K.B.B.A. proudly wears their A.K.B.B.A. patch with the knowledge that the greatness of the past lives on with the actions of an organization that looks to the future as their past leaders once did.

Contact Information

We want to hear from you! If you are interested in membership information, please contact Mr. David Mason, Member - Board of Governors for the American Karate Black Belt Association at the contact information below.


  • 972-239-5053


  • 972-671-7099

Postal Address:

  • 1974 Nantucket Dr, Ste 108, Richardson, Texas 75080



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