How to tie a perfect Karate Belt:


Knowing how to tie a Karate Belt is the first thing an aspiring Karate student should learn. Our photo tutorial will show you in steps how to do it.



Step 1:

Begin by grabbing one end of the belt with your right hand allowing about 12-14 inches of excess belt to hang free



Step 2:

With your left hand wrap the long end of the belt around your waist and bring it OVER the top of the belt .



Step 3:

Wrap the belt around your waist again making sure it is overlaying the belt and bring it over the top of the belt.   Tuck the belt under BOTH layers of your belt.



Step 4:


Straighten your belt ends so that they are equal in length



Step 5

Once both ends of your belt are equal, take the left belt end (the one you tucked under both layers of the belt) and lay it over the right belt end.


Step 6:

Now here is the tricky part.  Holding the left belt over the right belt with your left hand, slip your right hand through the loop created and grab the left belt,



Step 7:


Pull the left belt  through the loop Ė up and out the right side




Step 8:


Tighten the knot making sure to create a smooth left facing knot.



Make sure that you donít tie your belt incorrectly where the belt twists over at your back:


CORRECT                                              WRONG