Belt Exams & Waiting Period Requirements

All Belt Testing is held during class. 

 Prior to testing for a belt advancement, the student must request a PRE-TEST and have all skills areas being tested evaluated.  The student must notify the instructor when they have met the minimum waiting period and then may begin the pre-test process.

The only Belt test requiring a Full Board evaluation is BLACK BELT. These belt tests are scheduled and are only open by invitation.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Student manuals are required in order to test

Minimum Waiting Period Between Belt Exams
Anytime Skills are proficient

White to Gold

2 weeks (4 Classes)

Gold to Orange

4 Months (32 classes)

Orange to Green

4 Months (32 classes)

Green to Blue

6 Months (48 classes)

Blue to Purple

6 Months (48 classes)

Purple to Low Brown

6 Months (48 classes)

Low Brown to High Brown

8 Months (64 classes) High Brown to Red

9 Months (72 classes) Youth Red to Youth Black
9 Months (72 classes) Youth Black to
1st Phase Youth Black
9 Months (72 classes) 1st Phase Youth Black to
1st Phase Jr. Black
9 Months (72 classes) 1st Phase Jr. Black to
1st Degree Black
9 Months (72 classes) Adult Red to 1st Degree Black

2 years Active Student 1st Degree Black to
2nd Degree Black
3 years Active Student 2nd Degree Black to
3rd Degree Black