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Specializing in Rebuilding, Repair, and Warranty Work on all Coleman Gas
Appliances using Coleman Fuel or Propane including: Lanterns, Camp Stoves,
Lamps, Camping Heaters, and Irons. Repair and Rebuilding available on all of
these appliances subject to availability of parts. Most parts are available
either new or refurbished. Rebuilt camping appliances are also available for
sale as stock permits. Prices on rebuilt appliances are determined by
condition of the appliance.

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Salinas, CA 93907
Phone (831) 663-5832
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Current Hours: After 5:30 P.M. Pacific Time weekdays and all day weekends

Occasionally,  I receive Lanterns like this one; in fairly bad shape, missing or broken globe, sometimes in pieces, rusted, and absolutely NOT working....



First I tear down the lantern and begin a meticulous inspection and cleaning process. Each part is inspected for damage and replaced. If the tank shows signs of rust or excessive paint loss, I consult with the owner to discuss the repair and whether a paint job is desired. (Some collectors simply want the lantern repaired, cleaned up and restored to working condition.)...





As you can quickly see, once I have reassembled the lantern and make my final adjustments, this lantern is restored to a like-new condition.....


And finally, a completely restored and working lantern, guaranteed to give many years of dependable service.

If you have a lantern that is in bad shape and would like to see it restored to 
a beautiful, completely working system, give me a call and we can discuss your need
and available options.